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Almost every beach in Costa Smeralda is suitable for children and their families, access to the sea is very easy and there are many beautiful places in the shade under the junipers and the Mediterranean for parents and younger children. The sea slopes gently in about 50 beaches on the territory of San Giovanni/Arzachena. We have selected some beaches to recommend …

The majority of the families who contact us asking us information about sandy beaches, so that children are comfortable in their movements and for entry into the water; Therefore, below we have the most famous beaches and no, that is definitely worth a visit.
Starting from the deep inlet of the Gulf of Arzachena and Cannigione recommend the beaches of Tanca manna with ample free parking and ample down at the beach. A little further on open beaches Balca Brusciata Mannena and services with parasols and sun loungers and small kiosks with water and soft drinks always fresh. Continuing Palau is the beach of the L’Ulticeddu or (medium-sized swimming pools) beach with fine sand and blue sea with emerald hues, its characteristic is that of a bottom that slopes gently toward the sea, 50 meters from the shore ‘water still comes to the knees, super recommended for those with children.
Continuing Baja Sardinia, after the beaches of Lu Postu, the Ea Bianca and Mucchj Bianchi, across the Gulf of Cannigione you reach the beach of Tre Monti which came shortly before the beach of Cala Battistoni-Baja Sardinia its characteristic is that of a bottom that slopes gently toward the sea.

Continuing south from Porto Cervo towards Abbiadori are the famous white sand beaches and crystal clear water of the heart of the Costa Smeralda. Among the most famous beach of Capriccioli, Poltu Li Coggji also called “beach of the prince” with bottom that slopes gently toward the sea, and Liscia Ruja Celvia.

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