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Why a wooden house?

Why a wooden house?

Even if the external view of the structure would seem a traditional cement, the true soul is wood, in fact Wood has many ecological, biological and economic advantages
Energy savings
Wood retains heat inside and outside. Studies and experiments have shown that the average energy savings in ooden houses is 40-50% in comparison  to the same building in cement or brick. To arrive at the same thermal insulation alue as a 10 cm thick wooden wall, a brick wall would have to be 54 cm  thick and a concrete wall would have to be 80 cm thick.

Wood is stable. Since it is elastic and resistant, it can undergo tensile forces and even compression forces, in part. It also has less structural rigidity and less mass in relation to cement, therefore the earthquake period is reduced. For this reason, wood buildings are safer than traditional ones during an earthquake.

Wood is resistant to fire. Wooden structures do not collapse and retain their capacity since the inside remains almost intact, unlike traditional brick.
When heated, the metal inside of the brick tends to collapse and sag. So, just by increasing the thickness of the wood, we can achieve the same effect as an intumescent paint on cement or steel but without the associated costs.

Long Life
Wood maintains its value. It protects itself from bad weather and is preserved as the seasons pass. The complete absence of mold, in fact, preserves the buildings in the best possible manner, protecting them from physical deterioration.

Wood is a spontaneous and renewable raw material that is widespread and well known throughout the world. Through responsible and sustainable use of the forests by specialized operators, the customer can purchase certified products with confidence and thus even help the environment.

Healthy Environment
Wood is good for health. With its diffusion properties it acts as a filter, holding in the consumed and harmful air and releasing regenerated air into the indoor environment. There is also no dispersion of allergens or toxic agents, equal to those in other types of buildings. That is why choosing wood as a renewable, recyclable and inexhaustible material to build your own home becomes a quite natural choice.

Acoustic Comfort
With its wood structure, your RAMO Clime-house will be your dream home – absolutely comfortable and quiet. The wooden floor and wall elements, besides already being insulating, are also equipped with special sound-absorbing stripping to further reduce the spreading of sound waves. The 12 cm thick outer wood fiber exterior insulation system and the 14 cm thick double density insulation in the roof (160 kg/m2 and 230 kg/m2) ensure a very low
noise threshold. A wood home creates a pleasant atmosphere, a place where you can relax away from the noise and stress of daily work.

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